Monday 29 March 2010

Blogging tips

Setting up the business over the last year or so has been a long trek but tremendously enjoyable. We still have lots of aims for the business (eventually there will be a gallery) and so we decided to take on the world of social networking. Starting up a blog has been therapeutic, but blogging has so much going for it, it's always difficult to know where to start! Its also been a learning curve for those of us not necessarily web savvy!

Luckily, there are lots of people out there willing to share their experience, like this post from Problogger.

If you have a blog, what did you find difficult about starting up?

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Lavish Flowers and Events

Having talked to lots of people about their weddings, it's clear that the venue, dress and photographer are the first steps to take. After that it gets a bit...hazy. Flowers can sometimes be a bit of a problem. How many florists do you see around that have the same displays as the one a few streets away? What if you want something a bit different?

At a recent wedding fair with Paul Storer Photography, I met Zorina, of Lavish Flowers and Events. Wickedly sexy reds, bright greens and blues, subtle creams and pinks. Any colour you can imagine on the prettiest flowers, arranged into eye catching displays. If I seem a to be becoming a little over effusive in my praise, then you'd be right. And yet somehow Zorina Handley, the brains and talent behind Lavish Flowers and events, seems to bring this out of me.

She was kind enough to let Paul Storer Photography take a few shots of her flowers. Paul does like his flower pictures.

What are your most troubling finds for a wedding?

Thursday 18 March 2010

youtube photography

So it has now been uploaded onto youtube!

Have a look at it here.

Paul Storer Photography took part in the Bespoke Annabel Williams Course and this was his end of course display.

We were in Derby at a wedding fair on Sunday. Met some fabulous businesses. More to come when the photos are ready to go up!

Monday 8 March 2010

AV excitement

I've been busy transferring all the pictures form the old blog onto here, so I'll be able to start posting current photos shortly, but until then, we've got a fantastic AV that Paul has been working on.

We've been involved for the last year in the Bespoke Course at Annabel Williams Photography School (as well as being an insirational photographer herself, the team has mentored and worked with some amazing photographers like Xander Casey and Tamara Peel) and last week was the final of the group courses up in the Lake District.

After an emotional few days, Paul was able to say goodbye to some good friends and to showcase his work to the rest of the group, by creating a wonderful av. It can currently be found on our Facebook page, but will be uploaded in its full glory at some point soon. I love the song that goes with it: 'Hey Ya' covered by Obadiah Parker, so go check it out!!
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