Wednesday 19 May 2010

Welbeck Colliery

After nearly 100 years of history Welbeck Colliery closed on Tuesday 11 May.

A group of miners had been chosen to represent the men either losing their livelihood or travelling 140 miles per day to work at other mines owned by UK Coal. There were more press, camera men and photographers than men on the cold and blustery Tuesday lunchtime. Listening to the men being interviewed there was a camaraderie between them, almost a gallows humour. Perhaps looking at reality is easier through eyes filled with laughter rather than tears.

This event brought home the work I had done. Up to now I saw the beauty and the magnificence of the mines I had visited. Pleasley was a picture of tranquility sat as it is amongst a nature reserve. I am concerned about the loss of these buildings on the culture of nottinghamshire and the East Midlands but here I saw the real cost - friendships broken and communities split.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Andrew Collier Gallery - Relive the moment

Whilst everyone was anxiously watching the votes roll in on the 6th May, we at Paul Storer Photography had been invited to celebrate a gallery opening for Andrew Collier, a fellow student of the Annabel Williams photography school.

Paul Storer Photography was invited to show two images at the gallery. It was a delight to be able to show in such a stunning venue, surrounded by the colourful and emotive photography that Andrew's success is based upon.

We were all put to work when we arrived hanging pictures and washing glasses ready for the copious amounts of wine that would be flowing later! Half an hour to get changed from the long drive and it wasn't long before the guests began to arrive. In fact it got so busy that we couldn't even see Catherine from AW cut the ribbon to officially open the gallery!

We definitely recommend taking a look at his work and reading his blog and if you're in Warrington, taking half an hour out of your day at least to go and visit.
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